Trending Stocks Today

Crypto Currencies 

Cryptocurrencies have been trending for quite some time now, with the likes of Bitcoin being a haven for investors looking for a way to diversify their portfolios. 

Cryptocurrency has become a major player in today’s market, with both new and veteran traders looking to cash in on the latest investment craze. 

Although this is an extremely volatile market, it can be used as an excellent hedge against more traditional investments. 

However, along with such massive growth comes equally massive declines. The downside of crypto investing is the bull trends that set in every now and then. 


Stocks have been trending recently, with some of the most consistent players being Apple and Amazon. 

Both companies have seen a massive surge in their stock prices throughout, especially after stellar financial reports used for fundamental analysis of stocks that saw both companies exceed analyst projections. Tesla stocks have also been trending, especially after Elon Musk and his team keeps on pressing the boundaries of innovation in the automobile space. 

The automotive industry has long been seen as the next frontier in innovation, with electric cars becoming commonplace across major brands worldwide. 


Commodities, based on technical analysis, have not been part of the trending stocks today but have seen a steady climb for the last few years. 

Many companies in the mining and energy sectors have been investing heavily into this space, with commodities such as gold and oil seeing a steady rise in their price over time. 

Natural resource prices will continue to do well in the long term, with increased consumption across the world spurring demand for these resources. 

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