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Top Investment Platforms in the UK

One of the best ways you can start investing is to use one of the many investment platforms that are available today. By using the modern features and technology offered by these investment platforms, you will be able to reach your investment goals easily. Here are the most widely used investment platforms in the UK that you can consider:


Nutmeg has a huge client base for a good reason. It is a very simple and easy-to-use platform that will help you, regardless of your financial goals for the year. Whether your goals are around pension, lifetime ISA, junior ISA, or general investment, this platform will be able to help you. You can also choose an investment style and leave it to Nutmeg to build you an excellent portfolio. Nutmeg is well known for its transparency and simple fee structure.


Investing doesn’t have to be a costly process. Many people rely on Vanguard to avoid paying huge commissions or transaction fees. Vanguard is also well known for its Vanguard Digital Advisor, a robo-advisor that can help you build and manage your investment portfolio the right way. This platform is perfectly safe and secure as well.

It also has robust customer service on the website GetHuman. Hence, this investment platform is especially a great choice for beginner investors. If you want to take more risks in your investments, you can explore their LifeStrategy portfolios that come in different levels of risk. However, make sure that you are well informed before making such choices.

 Investment Platforms

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A J Bell Youinvest

This is another popular, award-winning investment platform that has excellent customer scores. You are provided with plenty of great investment opportunities. You will receive valuable insights and advice on investments as well. If you’ve got a small or medium-sized portfolio, go for A J Bell Youinvest and make the best of what this great investment platform has to offer.

You get access to some attractive investment ideas. It is also a great platform for parents concerned about the future financial security of their children, along with people who wish to save sufficiently for their retirement.


If you want your investments to be diversified and you wish to minimize your risk as much as possible, make sure that you go with Evestor. They have a reputation for making investments in more than 2500 companies worldwide. You can start from just £1 on Evestor.

The reason why so many cost-conscious investors prefer Evestor is because of its transparent and low pricing policy. You don’t have to pay any initial fees to begin. If you wish to withdraw your funds, you can do so at any time without worrying about having to pay exit fees.

To Sum Up

These are some of the best and most frequently used platforms in the UK. If you wish to get started on an investment platform, read reviews or testimonials before deciding on one. It is also a good idea to ask your friends and family.

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